Making music is a very enjoyable and rewarding hobby, but it is also a pretty expensive one. Most musicians prefer to have their own home studios so that they can create their music in a place that is truly theirs and one that offers them all of the privacy that they need. However, creating a home studio comes with a set of challenges, and one of them is trying to stay within your budget range without compromising the quality of your sound. With that said, here are some of the best microphones available on the market that can be used in a home studio. Check out The Mic Check for the best podcasting microphones

Shure SM57

Who says that great sounding microphones have to cost you an arm and a leg? The Shure SM57 can be yours for only a mere $100. Many reputable music producers say that Lenny Kravitz is a pretty big fan of this particular microphone model as he has been using it for just about everything, from guitars to voice, and even drums. This is also a great microphone if you love using distorted guitars.

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Shure SM58

The other Shure model is one of the industry’s most popular vocal microphones and can also be yours for only $100. This baby cuts the budget pretty nicely because you can use it in the studio live! While there might be other much better microphones out there that can produce higher quality sounds, this one is still a pretty good choice for musicians who are on a budget. Vocalists who love to scream or hit high notes in their songs will find this mic to be a pretty good addition to their studio as it can take in a good amount of screaming without getting distorted.

Shure Beta 58 A

The Shure brand makes its way on the list for the third time and for this spot we are going to be looking at the Beta 58 A. Prices for this microphone can be anywhere from $100 to $200. It is a far superior mic compared to the SM57 and SM58 as far as vocal applications are concerned.

Rode NT3

The NT3 can be yours for $200, but some stores may have them for as much as $300. However, you might be able to find a good deal if you can resist your urge to shop impulsively. If you love making acoustic music, then this is the microphone for you because it sounds wonderful with acoustic guitars, drums, and percussions, especially when combined with a SM57 plugged into the hole. It is also a great choice for vocals, unless you are a recording baritone or bass singer. also reviews the best usb microphones online.

Rode NTK

If you want a mic that has been used by Chad Kroeger of Nickelback and has a classic look to it, then the Rode NTK is the one for you. The Rode NTK comes in at $500, which might seem a bit expensive to be on this list, it is always a smart choice when you invest in a good condenser. The NTK is perfect for singers who have very loud voices because this mic can take a pretty good vocal pounding without distorting. For $500, this microphone is a pretty good choice if you want something that is durable, high quality, and affordable.

Audio Technica AT2020

The Technica AT2020USB condenser microphone is being sold somewhere between $100 and $150. It might be cheaper than the Rode NTK, but it is an excellent microphone that can work well in any home studio since it is designed so that you can get the absolute most out of your money. It can record just about everything, from drum overheads and strings, and it is light enough to be used in this type of setting.